“The National Telecommunication Commission shall proactively and continually create a responsive regulatory environment for a viable affordable, reliable and accessible telecommunications and information infrastructure and services to ensure the welfare and protection of our people.”


“By 2020, the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) is a world class regulatory agency able to lead the Telecommunications and Information Sector as an engine for progress and development.”


  • To regulate the installation, operation and maintenance of radio stations both for private and public use (Act No. 3846, as amended).
  • To regulate and supervise the provision of public telecommunications services (RA 7925, CA146, as amended).
  • To manage the radio spectrum (Act No. 3846, as amended and RA7925).
  • To regulate and supervise radio and television broadcast stations, cable television (CATV) and pay television (BO546 and BO205).


  • Grants certificates of Public convenience and Necessity/Provisional Authority to install, operate and maintain telecommunications, broadcast and CATV services.
  • Grants licenses/permits to purchase, possess, construct, operate and maintain radio stations
  • Allocate/sub-allocate and assign the use of radio frequencies.
  • Type approve//type-accept all types radio communications equipment (WDN, CPE…etc)
  • Conduct radio communication’s examination and issue radio operators certificate
  • Prepare, plan and conduct studies for policy and regulatory purposes
  • Monitor the operation of all telecommunications and broadcast activities
  • Enforce applicable domestic and international laws, rules and regulations, prosecute violation thereof, and impose appropriate penalties/sanctions
  • Issue licenses to operate land, maritime, amateur, aeronautical station and other safety and special radio services.
  • Perform such other telecommunications/broadcast-related activities as may be necessary in the   interest of public service.