What is National Telecommunications Commission (NTC)?

  • NTC is a sole body that exercises jurisdiction over the supervision, adjudication and control over all telecommunications and broadcast services in the country.
When can a radio station license be renewed?

  • The application for renewal of the radio station license must be filed at least thirty (30) days prior to the date of expiration together with the original copy  of the license to be renewed
Where and when do you conduct Restricted Land Mobile radio operator seminar?

  • This regional office conducts RLM radio operator seminar every tuesday , 10 AM at the NTC conference room, Rawis, Legazpi City, Albay.
What are the procedures and requirements in the operation of a commercial AM/FM broadcast radio station?

  • A congressional radio franchise is required, the application and proccessing of the required permits and licenses should be filed at the NTC central office.
If I am to buy or use radio communication equipment for my business, What are the procedures and requirements?

Can a graduate of BS electronics engineering be allowed to take 1st class radiotelephone operator examination?

  • Yes
What are the requirements to apply for a mobile phone dealer, retailer or reseller permit?

What type of radio apparatus must be installed to ships or vessels as required by  law?

What are the requirements in applying for CATV/TVRO license?

Can a license that expired be renewed?  ”

  •  Yes, but a surcharge equivalent to fifty percent (50%) of the license fee shall be imposed if it is filed within 6 months  after expiry date. If such renewal was filed 6 months after it has expired, surcharge shall be hundred percent (100%) of the license fee.
What is the passing grade of the radio operator’s examination?

  • A passing average of 70% is required on all elements of a written examination; provided that no rating shall be below 50% in any element.
What should an operator do if his license or permit has been lost, mutilated or destroyed?

  • He shall immediately notify NTC, embodying a statement attesting to the facts of the loss thereof. If a license has been lost, the applicant must state reasonable search has been made for it, and that in the event that it be found, either the original or the duplicate will be returned for cancellation.